Who We Are

We believe that ministry is to be shared by the whole community. We also believe that everyone has a place in ministry, and together, we can advance the message of God's hope to the surrounding community. We desire everyone to be actively involved using his or her gifts and resources to advance God's mission.

Hope Lutheran Church has responded to the changing demographics in the community by returning to its roots as a missional, community church of the Lutheran Christian faith. In challenging times, each of us needs hope more than ever before; as reflected in our name, we seek to bring God's hope to the community and to the world.

When new members join the church, they are encouraged to "join the mission team" and use their gifts to be part of the church's mission to serve our community and bring the good news of the gospel to our families, friend and neighbors. Hope values its multigenerational makeup. Members of every generation are encouraged to learn from, and worship alongside, those older and younger than they. Each member of Hope is a valuable piece of the puzzle, bringing his/her unique gifts to help complete the awesome picture God is creating among us. You are invited to join the story and become part of Hope's present and future.

If you are interested in learning more about Hope, including worship, children's and adult education, and service teams/missions, please contact our Office Administrator, Susan Isaacs at info@hopelutheranchurch.us.